I will admit, I’ve been a bit addicted to my couch lately.

Work has been crazy with so much going on, the days are getting shorter, and I recently sustained a foot injury due to excessive walking, so I’ve been inclined to laze around on the couch for my usual pastime.  It’s even finally starting to feel like autumn after an eerily warm October for New England, meaning with the wind, cold, and darkness, I’m more willing to adapt to these changes by slowing down.  However with this newfound love for excessive sitting, I’ve become disenchanted.  It’s been about two weeks that I’ve had this routine change, and I’m fed up with myself.

“Why aren’t you doing something more productive than just SITTING, surfing the internet? How is this enabling your FIRE goals?”

While it’s good to allow yourself to mellow out from time to time, I am concerned that I’m starting to form bad habits.

One way I combat these tendencies, is to remind myself how good it feels to be productive and to get things accomplished.  An object in motion tends to stay in motion, and the reverse is true for an object that is still.  When I sit around on the couch for long periods of time, I tend to keep up that behavior.  When I’m running around from project to project, or switching between activities, I end up feeling even more energized.  By seeing what I’m able to accomplish, I get amped up to keep going.

So I’m going to get back into being that object in motion, rather than that object that is still!

Inspirational Pumpkin

Inspirational Pumpkin


Here are some activities that I find to be motivating:

  • Getting the house cleaned up
  • Going through old stuff & downsizing
  • Rearranging the furniture*
  • Sewing projects
  • Yard work and Gardening
  • Cooking a big meal to have lunches for the work week
  • Selling items on Craigslist
  • Taking a long walk
  • Doing stretching & yoga (or any form of exercise really)
  • Writing


Once I start doing one of these things it gives me the energy to do more things.  Then I feel like a human being with more direction and motivation.


Hope you are all having an energizing autumn!


* Not a necessary thing by any means, but it’s good for a bit of exercise, and it’s a free way to give a space new life without needing to buy new decor and furnishings.