• Amazon Prime Message on Savings

    Should I Cancel My Amazon Prime Membership?

    *Is this really the truth? I’ve been looking for a new credit card lately, and have been debating the pros and cons of getting a card that has an annual fee. On one hand, the benefits of some such cards can be better than similar cards with no annual fees. But as a relatively frugal person, it’s hard to justify paying for something that only rewards you for spending money in the first place. For a credit card with no fee, you just spend the money as you would normally, and mainly on necessities. But for a card with a fee, sometimes you are spending MORE money to fully optimize…

  • Take an egg....they're up for grabs!
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    Darn my 401k!

    *Take an egg….they’re up for grabs! I’ve just had a recent revelation that is a little embarrassing to admit. As someone who prides oneself on mathematics, planning, and accuracy, I’ve found a large flaw in my early retirement plan. Let me share it with you, it’s called my 401k. I’m sure you’re surprised to hear this, especially since I give out advice on the topic of the 401k among other types retirement accounts. But as I learned recently, the 401k becomes quite a different beast when mixed with early retirement. You’re probably thinking: wait a minute. Why wouldn’t retirement and retirement savings account be synonymous? Well, for the traditional American retirement, they’re designed to be.…

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    Is Your Job A Status Symbol?

    Do you depend on your job to give you an appearance of importance when interacting with other people? Do you experience pressure from friends, relatives, asking what it is you do, and do you feel the need to give them a justifiable response? Do you fantasize about entrepreneurship, but worry it could go nowhere and lead to feelings of nothingness?  Do you sometimes even wish you could just do nothing, but worry about feelings of inadequacy? It’s frustrating when we begin to think that we’ve discovered what’s wrong with our life and what we need instead, only to be stopped by doubt.  What is more frustrating, is when this doubt is fueled…

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    Staying Motivated

    I will admit, I’ve been a bit addicted to my couch lately. Work has been crazy with so much going on, the days are getting shorter, and I recently sustained a foot injury due to excessive walking, so I’ve been inclined to laze around on the couch for my usual pastime.  It’s even finally starting to feel like autumn after an eerily warm October for New England, meaning with the wind, cold, and darkness, I’m more willing to adapt to these changes by slowing down.  However with this newfound love for excessive sitting, I’ve become disenchanted.  It’s been about two weeks that I’ve had this routine change, and I’m fed up…

  • For Better or for Work

    Today Was a Bad Day

    Today was a Bad day in the working world.  If you’ve been following my financial progress on this blog, you’ll know that I am currently at my third full-time job since 2014.  I have also only been working at company #3 for a short while. Being the planner and numbers-lover that I am, I have already set-out to be in my current position at this company for a while, and I’ve of course factored that into how much I expect to increase my net worth by over the next couple of years.  As someone looking at early retirement, there’s only a few working years left, and I don’t exactly fancy…

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    Early Retirement in Two Steps

    From my calculations, I should be able to retire somewhere between the ages of 29-31. I’ve thought about this a lot, and been questioned about it a lot. To “retire” that young doesn’t sound realistic to a lot of people. Even my friends who are knee-deep in student loans are incredulous at how this could be possible. In that sense, I do feel a little guilty, because I make what feels like a ton of money, especially for my age group. My friends who count themselves lucky are in the $50-60k group. Meanwhile I’m making almost triple that. I realize that this alone means that retirement is a lot closer for…

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    My Progress Towards FIRE (mid-2017)

    I’ve only been writing on this blog for a few months now, and I haven’t given many details on my own situation to date. I had wanted to document my progress towards FIRE (aka: Financial Independence, Early Retirement) as well as provide information on basic personal finance for my readers. However I haven’t known where best to start on telling you all about who I am. I’ve always done a lot of writing for myself, but this is my first time writing for an audience, and I do admit, it can be a bit awkward! How do I share things I’ve learned without sounding preachy? How do I talk about…

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    Your Furniture is a Commodity

    I want to start off by saying that there are places to look for money that not everyone thinks of.  In finance, you may hear people talk about “assets” which are items that hold value.  Assets can be any property you own, it can be art, it can even be money, or it can be something physical that not only holds its value, but has the potential to grow in value over time. Your assets are what define your net worth. As I pursue Financial Independence, I’m always looking for ways to increase my net worth, no matter how small an amount it seems. What some don’t appreciate is that…

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    Welcome to Grow Mad Green!

      Hello! Nice to meet you. Welcome to Grow Mad Green. This blog will be about my journey towards Financial Independence, and sharing the financial knowledge I learn along the way. I want to help you generate your own pile of mad green, while I do the same. I’ve found that once you start trying to get rich, you suddenly start overhauling other areas of your life without originally intending to. But this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a really, really good thing. Getting rich is more than just having more money; it’s creating mindfulness. It’s getting in shape, getting healthier, learning about cooking and food. It’s forming meaningful…