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My Progress Towards FIRE (mid-2017)

I’ve only been writing on this blog for a few months now, and I haven’t given many details on my own situation to date. I had wanted to document my progress towards FIRE (aka: Financial Independence, Early Retirement) as well as provide information on basic personal finance for my readers. However I haven’t known where […]

Your Furniture is a Commodity

I want to start off by saying that there are places to look for money that not everyone thinks of.  In finance, you may hear people talk about “assets” which are items that hold value.  Assets can be any property you own, it can be art, it can even be money, or it can be […]

Welcome to Grow Mad Green!

  Hello! Nice to meet you. Welcome to Grow Mad Green. This blog will be about my journey towards Financial Independence, and sharing the financial knowledge I learn along the way. I want to help you generate your own pile of mad green, while I do the same. I’ve found that once you start trying to […]