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Happy At Work – Does it Exist?

For the first time in my life, I’m genuinely appreciating being at work. I know that being laid off at my previous job shook me, and it’s shaken up my perception of early retirement along with it.  Before, I saw my job as a means to an end; something I was forced to do, without […]

Is Your Job A Status Symbol?

Do you depend on your job to give you an appearance of importance when interacting with other people? Do you experience pressure from friends, relatives, asking what it is you do, and do you feel the need to give them a justifiable response? Do you fantasize about entrepreneurship, but worry it could go nowhere and lead to […]

Staying Motivated

I will admit, I’ve been a bit addicted to my couch lately. Work has been crazy with so much going on, the days are getting shorter, and I recently sustained a foot injury due to excessive walking, so I’ve been inclined to laze around on the couch for my usual pastime.  It’s even finally starting […]