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How Much Do You REALLY Need To Retire?

Almost no one believes me when I tell them I plan to retire in a few years. To those of us who know of the FIRE movement, to “retire” means to have enough money saved up to never have to work again—whether or not we continue to do so. I don’t know why so many […]

Why Aren’t You Using Ally Bank???

I recently revealed that I was laid off. With all of the reorganization going on at my previous company, I had a feeling it might have been coming. Luckily, this gave me some time to prepare, which I realize I was fortunate to be able to do. I did this by stopping my contributions to my Vanguard […]

Should I Cancel My Amazon Prime Membership?

I’ve been looking for a new credit card lately, and have been debating the pros and cons of getting a card that has an annual fee. On one hand, the benefits of some such cards can be better than similar cards with no annual fees. But as a relatively frugal person, it’s hard to justify […]

Darn my 401k!

I’ve just had a recent revelation that is a little embarrassing to admit. As someone who prides oneself on mathematics, planning, and accuracy, I’ve found a large flaw in my early retirement plan. Let me share it with you, it’s called my 401k. I’m sure you’re surprised to hear this, especially since I give out advice […]

Early Retirement in Two Steps

From my calculations, I should be able to retire somewhere between the ages of 29-31. I’ve thought about this a lot, and been questioned about it a lot. To “retire” that young doesn’t sound realistic to a lot of people. Even my friends who are knee-deep in student loans are incredulous at how this could be […]


My Progress Towards FIRE (mid-2017)

I’ve only been writing on this blog for a few months now, and I haven’t given many details on my own situation to date. I had wanted to document my progress towards FIRE (aka: Financial Independence, Early Retirement) as well as provide information on basic personal finance for my readers. However I haven’t known where […]

Your Furniture is a Commodity

I want to start off by saying that there are places to look for money that not everyone thinks of.  In finance, you may hear people talk about “assets” which are items that hold value.  Assets can be any property you own, it can be art, it can even be money, or it can be […]