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Whatever your interests, it’s never too early to start learning how to take charge of your own finances. And it doesn’t have to be difficult or boring either! It can be simple, and it can be exiting when you start to see your net-worth growing. You can read about what I’m doing on Grow Mad Green, and I’ll also share ways for you to save and make more $$$. If you want to retire early, or even just feel more in control of your own life, figuring out your finances is step #1.

Thanks for being here. And if you ever want to ask for or share feedback directly, reach out to me at growmadgreen@gmail.com.


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Is it possible to be happy at work?
Happy At Work – Does it Exist?
For the first time in my life, I’m genuinely appreciating being at work. I know that being laid off at
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Ally Bank offers at 1.60 APY Savings Account Rate
Why Aren’t You Using Ally Bank???
I recently revealed that I was laid off. With all of the reorganization going on at my previous company, I
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A red elephant; creative commons photo by Konstantinos Dafalias
Why I’m So Frustrated: Interviews, Failure, and Bias
It’s time to reveal the elephant in the room: I was laid off. As soon as it happened, the first
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Amazon Prime Message on Savings
Should I Cancel My Amazon Prime Membership?
I’ve been looking for a new credit card lately, and have been debating the pros and cons of getting a
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A basket of eggs for sale, with a hand holding one egg.
Darn my 401k!
I’ve just had a recent revelation that is a little embarrassing to admit. As someone who prides oneself on mathematics,
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