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Nice to meet you! Welcome to GrowMadGreen, the blog about striving to align health, wealth, and self.

Who am I? I’m a twenty-something software engineer in the greater boston area, and I’m on-track to quit working in a few years and start living a life of pursuing my passions.

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Is Your Job A Status Symbol?
Do you depend on your job to give you an appearance of importance when interacting with other people? Do you
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Early Retirement in Two Steps
From my calculations, I should be able to retire somewhere between the ages of 29-31. I’ve thought about this a
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My Progress Towards FIRE (mid-2017)
I’ve only been writing on this blog for a few months now, and I haven’t given many details on my
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Your Furniture is a Commodity
(source: google definitions) I want to start off by saying that there are places to look for money that not
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